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How to Maintain Your A/C This Summer

If you want to enjoy the Williamsburg summers to the fullest, you need a properly working AC unit in the home. Temperatures in the city can soar to very high temperatures in a very quick time period and this leaves you dependent on the AC to stay cool. Use the tips below to ensure that your summer gets off to a great start and stays that way with a properly working AC unit.

1.    Change the Filters: Dirty AC filters clog the unit and cause it to work harder to cool the home. Furthermore, it damages the unit because dirt, dust, and other debris is sent back into the unit.

2.    Schedule Preventative Maintenance: Annual preventative maintenance service is highly recommended to prevent problems that would otherwise leave you high and dry during the summer. You can also schedule air conditioning repair in Lakeland FL when trouble arises but it is easier to prevent it from the start.

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3.    Don’t Block the Vents: Blocked air vents is not a good way to save energy, as some homeowners assume. Instead, it is a misconception that leads to many problems that affect the AC. Don’t block the air vents and you won’t have anything to worry about.

4.    Look for Leaks:  A leaking AC unit won’t work properly, at least for long.  Check around the unit to see if there are any leaks of concern and address them immediately.

5.    Turn off the Unit: When the days are cool outside, turn off the AC and open the windows and the doors. Your home can use the fresh air just as well as you can and it gives the unit time to rest.

Maintaining a cool home throughout the summer is so much easier when the tips above are applied to your situation.