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Considering Fences for Your Animal Problems

Do you have a problem with critters getting into your yard? If you live in a more rural area, you may be getting regular visits from rabbits, squirrels, groundhogs, armadillos, or cats. These critters can be cute, but what if you have a garden or you want to keep your kids and pets safe?

While an exterminator could be an option, you may want to think about other methods to work with, too.  A fence is not a guarantee for keeping pests out of your yard, but it’s definitely a good option to consider. Your fencing professionals can help you determine the best custom fences Portland OR for your needs.

In some cases, you may want to consider an electric fence (obviously not one that requires a collar). Some critters will still go through these fences, so there may be better options. Your local fencing companies may suggest high privacy fences to keep unwanted critters out of your yard.

If the fence is installed correctly, it will be deep enough into the ground that it is difficult for critters to dig under, but high enough that cats and other climbing creatures cannot get over. You can also consider a chain link fence depending on what critters are getting into your yard on a regular basis.

These fencing companies often have samples of all of the types of fences you can choose from on hand. Whether the fence that you want is a simple white picket fence, a chain link fence, a privacy fence, or any other type of fence, you can find it when you start working with one of these companies.

custom fences Portland OR

Do your research in order to find the least expensive company to purchase from (make sure you include installation in the price) and go check them out today to get started with getting that new fence that you have wanted to install at your home.